Top 10 Herringbone Tile Designs For Your Next Remodeling Project

Herringbone tiles design is a fun way to bring design and pattern to your remodeling project without over-powering. There are ways in which you can introduce the herringbone tiles to your project.  Click here to know more about Herringbone tile design.

Are you a contractor? And you are looking forward to having new ideas about the herringbone tiles pattern to your entice client? Then, I want to assure you that you are in the right place. Here, we shall give you the details on herringbone tiles design that will be an eye-catching one for your remodeling project. 

Remember, the herringbone tiles pattern is used for both wall and floor coverings. And also, it is used in bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and every other space of the house.


  • Herringbone feature wall
  • Tiles laid in a herringbone pattern
  • Ombre herringbone tiles
  • Bar tile design
  • Colorful ombre backsplash
  • Custom tile lettering
  • Glossy green backsplash
  • Farmhouse backsplash
  • Laundry room herringbone backsplash
  • A herringbone shower full of variation

Are you ready for the ride? Let’s go!

Below here are the details about the top 10 herringbone tiles for your next remodeling project:

  1. Herringbone feature wall: A herringbone feature wall will develop an attention-grabbing design element in whatsoever place it is used. A division of wood rectangles in the bedroom or a tile wall in the bedroom, or rectangles in the living room, all arranged in the herringbone tiles design, will make a unique display that shows off your inventiveness and classy side. 

All you need to do is fix it properly on walls by considering the step-by-step procedure of laying out a herringbone pattern or inviting a well-trained tiler to fix it for you.

  1. Tiles laid in a herringbone pattern: A curl on the outmoded subway tile arrangement, the herringbone tiles pattern as a wall in a bathroom or a backsplash in a kitchen makes for a more exceptional part modern herringbone pattern to your home in a refined sort of way. Hence, you can get tiles made from ceramics, marble, granite, glass, and other natural stone to create or develop herringbone tiles patterns. 
  2. Ombre herringbone tiles: Are you dreaming of creating a cozy bathroom for your client? Look no further. Ombre herringbone tiles are the perfect design that you need. It is the ideal way to add an extra eye-catching element to your space. This unique twist will give your bathroom a classic shape. 
  3. Bar tile design: These are herringbone tiles that are specially designed for bars. Whether you are in your house or a cafeteria, bars are the best place to experiment with bold design. This tile pattern a 3 x 6 subway tiles that can be rearranged into a herringbone tiles pattern to create a different vibe that is sophisticated, sleek, and bold. 

Imagine how it will look like if you have this unique herringbone design in bars. Then, as a contractor, you can introduce this pattern to your client’s bar.

  1. Colorful ombre backsplash: Ombres are not necessarily to be in the same shade. We want to recommend getting creative when it comes to exciting tile design. You may be wondering how creativity comes in? Instead of the trendy black to grey to white ombre, you can be more creative by merging an ombre of different glaze colors.
  2. Custom tile lettering: Pink herringbone tiles with custom tile lettering? Yes, please! It’s no secret that we are a little preoccupied with title lettering. But, we always say if something motivates you, put it in tile! Whether it be a preferred quote, an important date, or a family summit, the options for custom tile lettering are endless. The Coven opted to make their already inspirational mosaic stand out even more by surrounding their words with pink herringbone tiles.
  3. Glossy green backsplash: The beauty of these herringbone tiles comes out of the furnace ranging anywhere from bright plane green to deep teals. These tiles are unbeatable with a polished and silky finish. The glossy green backsplash is a glass material, and its thickness is about 0.19 inches. It has a product dimension of 12 x 0.18 x 12 inches. The glossy green backsplash is easy to install, clean, and maintain. It has scratch resistance, and it is suitable for bathroom floors, bathroom walls, showers, kitchen backsplash, swimming pools, interior, and exterior use.
  4. Farmhouse backsplash: This herringbone tile backsplash is ideal for a welcoming environment with casual elegance. This unique herringbone tile pattern is unconquerable. Farmhouse backsplash will bring an eye-catching design to your remodeling project. In addition, this herringbone style helps interior decorations to be a possibility galore throughout the kitchen.

The farmhouse kitchen is one of the highly prevalent interior design trends for years now. Your farmhouse kitchen backsplash can range from subway tile that stretches all over to brick behind your cooktop to patterned marble that makes a statement.

  1. Laundry room herringbone backsplash: This unique herringbone tile pattern is to protect your laundry room walls with a durable and well-groomed backsplash that will lift spaces styles and provide protection. This glaze and pattern combination will turn a laundry room into a Scandinavian dream. In other words, this unique pattern is made to cover the walls and add style to any room that deals with water. Don’t forget that water resistance is one of the convincing reasons why you should choose a herringbone tile pattern for a laundry room.
  2. A herringbone shower full of variation: When the pattern is as strong as herringbone, you don’t need to go irrational with color. This herringbone shower full of variation is a prime example of a tile pattern that you can add to your remodeling project. When it comes to high-variation glazes, each tile is full of unique depth and character that will remind you every day of the specialty in handmade tiles. 


Getting an idea about herringbone tile patterns is the perfect way of adding more creativity to your remodeling project. And this write-up so far has out-picked the best ten herringbone tile pattern that can give you supreme complexity, difference, and quality. These ten favorite herringbone tile patterns will help to inspire your next project.